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Merry Christmas 2014

Hi Everyone,

Just a super short post to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Best wishes for this holiday season.

2014 has certainly been an interesting year and one of reflection and review for me here blogging at Kangaroo Dad. Here’s a few quick highlights of the year that’s past.

* I wrote many more articles this year than I did the previous year
* I moved the blog from a free Blogger blog, to a self hosted WordPress site
* Made some new friends in the blogging sphere
* After wanting to attend for three years, finally made the trip to ProBlogger 2014 and had an absolute ball

Now that the year is drawing to a close, make some time from your work, business or blog and spend it with family and friends, you deserve the break!

I am looking at a professional change of direction and have some idea’s of where I would like to head and what I envisage myself doing in 2015.

As an old chinese proverb states; ‘May you live in interesting times!

Merry Christmas

Moving Is Moving to A New Home

My blog has been running here on this (Blogger) domain for well over a year now and I truly thank all of you whom have watched my little corner of the world slowly grow into something bigger.

Some of you have been reading about my adventures here, since this inception of this blog and others have come and read stuff of mine recently. I’m also sure there are those whom have read an article once and then moved on to other pastures. That’s fine, as this is the nature of our blogging farmlands.

Now, my blog is no longer an adolescent and wishes to stretch its wings to a new home and leave behind this old one.

This is bad news as I will lose some aspects of this blog with link juice and other links gained elsewhere.

This is also good news as I am moving Kangaroo Dad to a new home and will be able to do SO much more with the vision I have in mind for the blog.

Thankyou to one and all whom have taken the time to come and read,

I look forward to sharing with you on my new home,

See you over at (which is here)

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The Post You Have When You Haven't Posted!

The Post You Have, When You Haven’t Posted In A While

Hi Folks,

It’s been a while since I posted on here and there are several reasons I have not.

1. I have been working and also burning the candle at both ends. Consequence is I have had a few early nights when I would normally blog/twitter/facebook/communicate/ do online digital schtuff.

2. On occasion been computer gaming, not an activity I get to do as often as I would like..

3. Recent trip to Adelaide for a family wedding and enjoyed four days of kicking it with family, some I have not seen in over a decade.

4. There are 3 articles for me to publish as well as 3 outstanding blog posts (all in draft mode). One on a review of Mr Palindrome’s recent show I attended with my family in Melbourne. Seriously, I see this gentleman to have big things happen for him in childrens entertainment in this country. Go and see him when you can.

Second is a big post (it’s big, like novella big) about finding family day care / childrens child care. I naively thought this would be a walk in the park and it has turned into an event bigger than Ben Hur. All with this to occur and be signed, sealed and Lil Miss G in care before Kangaroo Mum returns to work.

Thirdly, I just feel like I am behind in my plans and things like articles and posts are unfinished and will need to be published pronto!!!! It is just me pushing myself to get things done in a timely fashion. I have been a fair bit hard on myself and know events will transpire, just give yourself time, breathing space and don’t be so hard on your bloody self!

Right, now I have had my little relief valve opened, let me ask;

Are you hard on yourself when you plan to do things and they don’t go to plan or happen in the time frame you envisaged?