Hi and G’day. I’m Kangaroo Dad. Please call me Jason.

I’m an Aussie Daddy Blogger and I created this blog to have some reflections on how I am growing as a first time father. I also needed a place on the internet to share those moments, photos and videos with my family who live all over Australia. This blog was born from a suggestion from a family member to keep a journal of my fatherhood journey.

I also needed a creative outlet that gives me a chance to out pour whats in my head, especially those thoughts and feelings about parenting, and how I perceive versus the reality of being a father.  There is lots of stuff up there, no doubt. I will reflect back here, reading older posts, from time to time, to see how my parenting/fatherhood experience has progressed and most likely be shocked with the changes over time.

In my blog there may be some familiarity with other Daddy bloggers as there are those, that have been doing this for far longer than me. In this blog will be stories I share that are humorous, silly, painful, full of joy, illustrative and also about moments of frustration. I will share what I know (as I learn it) about early fatherhood, with tid-bits, interviews, how to’s, as well as my take on computer games and movies (Anyone remember the Golden Age of PC gaming?).

This blog makes me some moolah. So I am telling you up front and being honest up front, if you click on ads or buy something through my blog or from another site after clicking an ad on my blog that takes you elsewhere to buy (for example – Amazon), I do get a commission.

My daughter and wife will remain anonymous with names as my wife has requested this, but I will refer to my daughter as Lil Miss G and my wife as Ms L or Kangaroo Mum.

I can be found accross social media, such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, just look for kangaroo dad. To email me and to say G’Day, my email address can be found at the bottom of this blog.

All sponsored posts are considered, but I will review each request and lets have a chat before deciding publication. I also consider all guest posts, but to ensure quality and your article is for the right audience lets talk. I am more than happy to write for your blog. All article requests are also considered, so if you would for me to write for you, drop me a line.

Thankyou for stopping by, getting inside my head on parenting and come back soon!

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