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Awawa awawawa

Awawa awawawa‘ is a new sound Lil Miss G made for the first time today.

Its also a highlight to me of how fast 7 months of my daughters growth and how quick each month now seems to fly by. Milestones, shit, how do I keep up with them all. There have been so many milestones. I struggle to remember the past ones, let alone new ones coming.

One day there is a game my daughter and I get to play and the next time that game is turfed in favour of a different game. I’m loving it though, I am amazed sometimes how quick some changes with her happen.

The real buzz for me now is the look on Lil Miss G’s face when I walk in the door for lunch or after work. She looks up at me and slowly a smile will grow on her face and her eyes light up. The connection and love I feel when that happens is nothing like I have ever felt before having a child. Some feelings and connections you don’t understand until you become a parent, a father, a care provider. I get that now.

Makes me fall in love with my partner each day anew, because she gives me that same smile like my daughter does. OKcue,oxytocin hormone hit.

Its also getting difficult to remember what life was like before becoming a dad.

Before I was a father, I had a lot of time to do what I wanted, I could do whatever, whenever I wanted. Much of that previous free time is now used in looking after my family. Do I regret that? Not one bit. Do I get frustrated for not much time for me? Sure, I do, yet I also look at finding the balance of ensuring my family gets their needs fulfilled and also ensuring my own needs are met.

I realize, its about growth and priorities. For a long time I had to look after only me. In the last few years that changed with having a new partner and even newer baby. Its difficult to find that balance.

A kiss from my partner, smiles from Lil Miss G and making time to connect is a priority ( a great one at that! )

Awawa awawawa‘ from Lil Miss G and all my frustrations on finding a balance are forgotten, and I concentrate on what is really important.

Setting Up The Blog

Its been…..geez, a good 18 months since I played around with setting up a blog. I also forgot how frustrating it can be.

I have had three blogs in the past about niches that I enjoy. But my blogging and hence my readership, never really took off. Not to worry, I am back to have a crack at this daddy blogging since its something I am VERY interested in doing, participating and becoming heavily involved with.

You, my dear reader get to go on this journey with me, as I stumble, fall, fumble and make a general nuisance of myself with trying to craft a story, post by post, right ‘ere.

Why a blog? I feel this is going to help me gain a deeper understanding with being who I am. I can post my thoughts, feelings and fears and display it to the world. If that factor alone doesn’t cause some trepidation and dread, I don’t know what will. When I found out I was going to be a father, I was excited at the news, then I quietly went out the door and literally shit my pants. The thoughts and feelings of abject fear came to the fore. Me. A Father. sheesh.

At the time of this post my daughter is 7 months old, and I feel like I am just starting to hit my strides as a daddy unit.

I have read through some other daddy blogs and get a feeling I am not alone in this endeavor.

My blog is new, no-one knows me, but give it enough time, and I’ll make some noise.

I am getting used to being a father, so let me shit my pants as a neophyte blogger.

Hello World

‘Hello World’

Hello World

Hello World

‘It’s A Head!’ I exclaimed to both the Triple 000 operator and to my partner who was deep in labour, Ms L. ‘I see a patch of hair!’, I said, and with that, the final stage of birth was well and truly progressing…at home.

When you get told that things don’t usually go to plan for labour and birth, what comes to mind is caesareans and medical interventions, but our story is a bit different.
We had a birth plan, well researched, well written, but as you know about life, it doesn’t always go to plan. Ms L and I decided on a natural birth, which means we would have our child in a birth centre. There is a couple of centres available in Melbourne, and we were chuffed that we were able to book into one.

We also spent considerable time looking for a doula to help support us on our journey. We found a special woman who is an exceptional doula. We also knew our written birth plan was not set in stone. We both also understood that plans can go to shit and if a natural birth didn’t occur, and problems crept in then a cascade of interventions may happen (we didn’t want that scenario)

On the said day, Ms L’s water broke and after coming home from a function, she called me first, then her bestest friend and then our Doula. After much discussion on the night, we didn’t call or visit our hospital until the next morning. This story as it occurs, out will be told in much greater detail.

Yet a set of events transpired that ended up with our darling daughter being born at home, on the lounge with an ambulance on the way. I was a ‘midwife’ (a term I use VERY lightly as I have NO medical training) and a guy on the other end of a Triple 000 call who helped our baby come into the world. I will find out who he is one day and buy him a scotch. Miss G came into the world about 26 hours after waters breaking and with Ms L having an absolutely incredible labour experience and I was a stunned father delivering our bundle of joy.

I got an idea about how different becoming a parent can be from what we read and learn comparing to what happens in life. And I still don’t have a bloody clue! Hence this blog was born to try and make ‘sense’ of it all and share with others what I have learned and experienced on the way.